About The Owner

Featherstone Studios was opened in 2017 by Jamie Farrell, in order to provide personal trainers the freedom to run their self employedbusinesses from a facility equipped to cater for all demographics.  After seeing how major gym corporations were consuming a large portion of the industry, forcing more trainers to adopt an employee model, he felt his vision and intended direction for the industry would be better expressed in a space that wasn’t restricted in certain aspects.

Utilising his years of experience within the industry and the knowledge gained, he developed Featherstone Studios. Choosing the equipment, layout and supporting facilities so that people of all backgrounds can train in privacy, comfort and luxury.  With a wide range of equipment, supporting facilities, 24 hour access and convenient location, Featherstone Studios is the first of many facilities that Jamie intends to open.  Helping shape the fitness industry into a more regulated, respected and accessible sector for everybody.